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More Cheese!
Posted on March 29, 2009 by tonzie

Can you smell the cheese? Well the folks over at Media Molecule sure can. After a long while of not hearing from them, they broke the silence by revealing their next LittleBigPlanet patch. As awesome as they've been, Media Molecule keeps on dishing out the goodies, and this one is fo' real. The update, code named “Cornish Yarg” is intended to add multiple new features and fixes to the game.

These include:

Infinite lives checkpoint

Visibility tweak option for certain joints (to hide them during Play mode)

Global settings object (to trigger lighting changes)

Tetherless jetpacks

Angle range proximity switch (with additional functionality on proximity and magnetic key switches)

Five new tutorials to demonstrate these new tools

IME text chat support for Korean and Japanese

New profile management tools

A music player for use in create mode

Advanced Sackboy customization mode

Multiple level loading error fixes


Now in its final testing stages, “Cornish Yarg” will be released shortly after being approved for the public.

As a LittleBigAddict, I can safely say that I am excited to explore the new Sackboy customization mode, and touch him in places that I haven't touched him before..With stickers!


Full story, here.

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Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Media Molecule
Genre: Platformer
ESRB: Early Childhood
Release: 2008-10-21
Wished: 4
PCN Rating: NR


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