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Sony’s Killer-App Racing Title MotorStorm for PS3 Is At Retail
Posted on March 8, 2007 by Michal Birecki

Sony Computer Entertainment America made the announcement on Tuesday that MotorStorm for the PlayStation 3 is now readily available at retailers in the United States.

MotorStorm puts gamers in one of the most realistic racing environments ever in gaming with real-time track deformation as well as A.I. which will react to how you are doing in the game and during races.

MotorStorm also packs a 12-player online mode and puts you in many dirt and mud courses spanning over mountains, canyons, etc.

The game packs arguably the most impressive next-generation graphics yet.

"MotorStorm showcases the power and technology of the PS3 with its combination of next-generation online and offline gameplay functionality and life-like A.I.," said Jeff Reese, Director, Software Marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America.

"With over-the-top action, cinematic crashes, and exhilarating gameplay, consumer anticipation for the game has been overwhelming. Not only do we expect thrill seekers to enhance their PS3 library with MotorStorm, we believe the game will ultimately draw more consumers to the PS3."

There is no telling how many systems MotorStorm is going to sell but it should definitely help clean out some of the stock still sitting on shelves at retailers across the .  This could be the game that convinces many people what the PlayStation 3 is capable of and what to expect from it in the future.  Any PlayStation 3 owner would be highly remised to not pick this one up.

MotorStorm has a T rating and is priced at $59.99 

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Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Evolution Studios
Genre: Racing
ESRB: Teen
Release: 2007-03-06
Wished: 0
PCN Rating: 8.0


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