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Sony Buys MotorStorm Dev Evolution Studios
Posted on September 20, 2007 by Victor Dangelo

Sony Computer Entertainment made the announcement today that they have acquired the leading game developer of Evolution Studios as well as its subsidiary Bigbig Sudios. This Dev is the brains behind MotorStorm.

Evolution Studios is going to now be a part of Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios.

Sony released a press release in regards to the announcement...



In a strategic move to secure excellence in game development for current and future PlayStation® platforms, the acquisition of Evolution and Bigbig formalises the successful and long established exclusive relationship between Sony Computer Entertainment and the two studios.

Evolution Studios, based in Runcorn, England is the award-winning developer of MotorStorm™, the million-selling #1 hit title for PLAYSTATION®3(PS3™). Evolution Studios was established in 1999 and has enjoyed a highly productive and commercially successful relationship with SCE, gaining a reputation as a studio with an unrivalled track-record for quality and productivity having shipped a title every year for 6 straight years. Evolution established its reputation as the successful developer of the World Rally Championship series on PlayStation®2, also published by SCE. The studio is currently working on the next instalment of the Motorstorm franchise for PS3, scheduled for release in 2008 on Blu-ray Disc, along with content expansions for the original MotorStorm to be distributed via PLAYSTATION®Network.

Bigbig Studios, based in Leamington Spa, England was founded in 2001 with backing from Evolution Studios and SCE and is the developer of the Pursuit Force game for PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable), which has sold over 800,000 copies worldwide. The studio is currently working on the second title in the series, Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice, which will be available in October this year for PSP and on PlayStation®2 early in 2008.

"Our strategy is to create the best games by working with the best talent and Evolution and Bigbig are world-class additions to our team," said Phil Harrison, President of SCE Worldwide Studios. "The incredible people in these studios further extend the depth and skill of the industry’s largest platform-exclusive development resource".

Following the acquisition, Mick Hocking, Managing Director of Evolution Studios, will also be appointed Group Studio Director for the three Studios ; SCE WWS Liverpool Studio, Evolution and Bigbig , reporting directly to SCE WWS Vice President, Michael Denny.

Studios across the WWS network share technology, production methodology and creative goals to build the best possible experiences for users to enjoy the most from the PlayStation family of hardware platforms and network services. With over 2,500 employees, SCE Worldwide Studios combines the talents of 15 game development studios in Japan, the USA, the UK and The Netherlands. "

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Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Evolution Studios
Genre: Racing
ESRB: Teen
Release: 2007-03-06
Wished: 0
PCN Rating: 8.0


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