Sucker Punch Dev Talks About PS3 Exclusive InFamous
Posted by Nikhil on November 12, 2008

Nate Fox, creative director at Sucker Punch Studios (developers of InFamous), recently stated that they are striving for quality rather than quantity in their much anticipated PS3 exclusive. Fox points to examples in both God of War and Grand Theft Auto IV. GoW, while only 7 hours long, was a huge hit and system seller for PS2. GTAIV, clocking in at 30 hours, was just as acclaimed. Fox believes that the lesson here is that users care more about the quality of the gaming experience rather than the length.

Sucker Punch, known for their work on the PS2’s Sly Cooper series, is taking on a much darker game for their next generation debut. This pattern is similar to Naughty Dog and Insomniac, developers famous for their kid friendly PS2 games that debuted with Mature rated titles on the PS3.

While no release date has been announced for InFamous, Fox did reveal that a demo will hit the PSN shortly before it arrives in stores. While he did not comment on any DLC after launch, he did confirm that InFamous would support trophies, stating “We’d be complete and total jackasses not to support them. They are videogame crack and everybody knows it.” Hopefully it’s not too long before we’re able to get our fix with Infamous.