LittleBigPlanet Meet Metal Gear Solid (Level Packs)
Posted by Dustin S. on December 17, 2008

Having a PS3, your probably faced with a decision every time you turn it on. Should I play LittleBigPlanet or shall I play Metal Gear Solid? Well how about both?

PlayStation Asia site has your solution, “Send Sackboy™ into a covert world of stealth and intrigue with this downloadable collection of Metal Gear™ Solid goodies.”

It was just announced yesterday that LBP will be receiving “Level Packs,” which contain no levels, but are filled with stickers and accessories to character costumes for your use in creating your own levels. Well Sony has just announced that the next level pack heading our way will have a Metal Gear Solid theme.

Included in the costumes update will be Merl, Old Snake, and my personal favorite, Screaming Mantis. If you buy the bundle then you will also receive a Raiden costume as well. The level pack, on the other hand, will include stickers with a unique style to the characters, textures similar to that of older Metal Gear games, and some other cool odds and ends to make your dream Metal Gear LBP level complete.

The price and release date have yet to be confirmed, but we can assume the packs will be out next week, just in time for Christmas, with prices similar to what we already have seen. Who knows what will be next, perhaps a Killzone 2 theme?