PS3 Exclusive Killzone 2 Gamestop Demo dated
Posted by Dustin S. on January 2, 2009

We reported a little while ago that GameStop will be offering a demo for Killzone 2 for all pre-orders of the game. The release date is February 3rd but we have recently checked the official website for a little surprise.

Turns out the February 3rd date is for online pre-order customers only. Instead of pre-ordering online, fans should be heading out to local stores and grabbing a "Rave" card next week. The card comes with all in store pre-orders that has a code to access the demo and will be availible January 5th. Yes you read that last sentence correctly, in store customers can begin bum rushing their local GameStop location next monday and get early access codes at local Gamestop stores.

Please note that the announcement is purely for the access codes. There is no official word on rather or not these codes are usable before the February 3rd date when online customers get their codes. Either way, if you pre-ordered get ready and if you haven't why are you still reading this? Get going! The listing states "as supplies last" and we all know this will be gone fast. Online customers will be emailed their codes on the February 3rd date.

Stay tuned to PS3Center for more Killzone 2 features and news coming soon!