New inFamous "I Am Scared" trailer
Posted by Nick on February 21, 2009

Sucker Punch launched a new trailer of their upcoming open world super hero title, InFamous.  Titled "I Am Scared", this latest trailer shows off some more of protagonist Cole's super abilities and some of the adversaries he'll be dealing with.  Check it out here, via

InFamous puts the player in the shoes of Cole, a mild mannered delivery man who gets the ability to control electricity when a huge explosion demolishes his city.  The player will then have the choice to become the saviour of the city, or to be the one to let it fall to damnation.  The title comes from Sucker Punch, the creative minds behind the popular PS2 Sly Cooper franchise.  InFamous is due out sometime in the spring months of 2009, exclusively for the PS3.

With both InFamous and Prototype due out in the coming months, super hero fans will have a lot to chose from!