inFamous Brings Karma
Posted by Rodrigo on March 24, 2009

Sony has finally revealed details about inFamous' Karma system, which is the one of the game's big features that would determine whether you'll become evil or become a hero. The game tackles you with some moral choices that will lead you to a decision-making predicament, thus affecting how evil you might turn. Your decisions will ultimatelly affect "the way pedestrians react to Cole, the powers he can use and upgrade, Cole's appearance, and even the story." This is similar to Fable or Splinter Cell Double Agent. According to the details, there are six karmic levels: three bad (Thug, Outlaw, and Infamous) and good (Guardian, Champion, and Hero). These levels will have different set of skills that can be bought with experience points. "Placing points in a Champion skill and then lowering your karma level to Guardian means you will no longer have access to that skill."

As the game goes on and Cole, the protagonist of the game, changes karma level, his appearance will change accordingly. Much like Star Wars, if Cole is bad his electricity will be red, and if he is good his electricity will be blue. Upgrading powers will affect how things work on evil or good. "Good powers use electrons and are more likely to stun or restrain enemies while bad powers utilize positrons and will kill, maim and destroy."