inFAMOUS Info Released!
Posted by tonzie on April 3, 2009

From the creators of Sly Cooper comes a game that everyone's got their eye on. You know, that game that was infamous for never having a release date? Well heres some news on it, and what's to be expected!

To be released in June '09, inFAMOUS has sparked some curiosity in the general gaming public. Some people are skeptical about it, others are excited. What side will you take? You can make your decision after reading though this info. I for one have marked June on my calendar, mainly because it's so easy to find.

So here's the scoop. Have you ever wanted to know what your life would be like if you suddenly developed super powers? Would you exact revenge on all of those who opposed you? Would you defend the innocent? inFAMOUS lets you live that experience as you explore a sandbox environment full of people who's lives you can effect with the press of a button.

You play as Cole, a bike messenger in Empire City. Suddenly there is an explosion, demolishing blocks and blocks of the city, with Cole being the sole survivor. The city falls under quarantine, with the local enforcements deteriorating and organized crime on the rise. Cole is linked to the explosion by the media and is suddenly changed from a regular bike messenger to a convicted criminal. However, with his newly found powers on his side he is invincible, and able to elude all forms of capture. These mysterious powers dumbfound Cole, as he tries to figure out how he managed to get them, and why.

Oh, and did I mention you had to save the city from its self inflicted state of anarchy?

It sounds to me that there is a lot going on in this game, a lot to do, a lot to learn, and a lot to follow. I like it.


Some of the games features are said to include:

-The ability to learn electricity based powers

-The choice to be good or evil, based on your choices throughout the game

-A sandbox style environment with limitless exploration and opportunities

And the most exciting sounding feature

-Organic City Ecology, which allows the citizens of Empire City to react and evolve depending on your actions throughout the game


Throughout inFAMOUS, your actions will change the course of the game by effecting the setting, the people, the plot, etc. Now that sounds inTERESTING. Pick this one up June '09.