Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta with inFamous Preorder
Posted by Shak on April 24, 2009

Sony announced earlier in the week that they had an "electrifying" announcement regarding Uncharted 2 and inFamous on April 27th. But it seems someone has already beaten them to the punch with Kotaku reporting that:

"...a reader sent us this photo of a batch of newly opened Best Buy pre-order placeholder boxes for inFamous, which indicate that not only do pre-orders score players early access to the inFamous demo, they also receive a voucher for entry into the multiplayer beta test for Uncharted 2."

The inFamous demo will be available for download from the 8th of May, and the Uncharted 2 Multiplayer beta will be available from the 3rd of June. The timing of the Uncharted 2 beta is the sneaky thing here. It means that instead of the usual preorder a game, get the demo, cancel the preorder, people preordering the game will have to actually buy the game otherwise their preorder will become invalid.

A good move on Sony's part as it advertises their next big game, as well as increases sales for a less well known title.