Interview with inFAMOUS' Lead Programmer
Posted by tonzie on May 11, 2009

inFAMOUS is already a favourite among us here at PCN, and with good reason. After being given the chance to try the game early, inFAMOUS has already provoked most of us to watch for the release date, hoping to get out hands on a copy as soon as possible. As for you, the readers, we've got a little more to share with you on the matter. Sucker Punch Co-Founder Bruce Oberg was recently interviewed by the PlayStation Blog about some of the features of inFAMOUS, so in case you were wondering:

-The game will be playable within multiple karma regions, with the player having the ability to become even more evil, or smarten up along the way whenever he or she wants. This adds to the abilities in a way that, if you chose to become good and then decided to go rampant, you can upgrade your already good abilities to have a more evil appeal, and vice-versa.

-Although the ending will not be altered to a story changing extent, your karma will effect the dialogue and plot throughout the game. Movie sequences will differ based on your current karma.

-As well as the plot line, there will be optional missions throughout the game which in some cases outnumber the amount of linear missions related to the story. This adds hours and hours of extra gameplay and many unlockables to the already enormous game.

-Finally, an answer to the question that a lot of people have been asking. “Why spell the title the way it is?” And the answer is simple. Throughout design of the game, the team established that you would be able to become famous as a super hero, but if you decided to tun through the game as a villain instead of a saviour, you would become infamous as a heartless monster. Hence, inFAMOUS was born. Well that, and the spelling does tend to catch a lot of attention.

Hopefully that answered a lot of questions out there. As for the answers that weren't given, you'll find out soon enough. Pick this one up May 26th.


Video, here.