inFAMOUS Finally Sells 1 Million Copies
Posted by Shak on November 16, 2009

inFAMOUS has managed to shift 1 million units as of this week, according to estimates from VGChartz. The game came out in late May, and early June in Europe, meaning the game has sold 1 million in 6 months of release. The final push came from the recent release of the game in Japan, which managed to shift about 15,000 units in the first week. These are not bad sales for a western game in Japan, considering the Japanese developed 3D Dot Game Heroes sold less than inFAMOUS.

The game has a metacritic average of 85, but we all know that this is one of the best games available on the PS3. Well we loved the game, as you can see from our review in May.