Win Call of Duty Black Ops Escalation DLC!
Posted by Dustin S. on June 11, 2011

Call of Duty is a hot item right now, and its not just because of Modern Warfare 3. Black Ops also has a few goodies in it as well, including the hotly new released Download Content.

Escalation is the name of the new content, and its already getting great reviews. Many of the gamers that already got their hands on it say it is way better than the First Strike pack. Adding a whole new experience and some zombie fun, why not head out and grab it?

Well I'll give you a reason and thats because you can pick up your code right here. We have several codes to give away and winning one is simple. If you follow us on Twitter you will already know what to do. Simply send a Tweet our way explaining why you deserve to win one of these codes. Don't have Twitter? Well feel free to comment below. Doing both will increase your chances of winning as well! Those that are more creative and make us laugh will win. It doesn't even have to be a real life story! So get going!

Winners will be announced during our review of the content.