Insomniac Explains Why Resistance 1 Has no Trophies in New Dual-Pack
Posted by Shak on July 22, 2011

Many gamers have asked for a Resistance: Fall of Man trophy patch, and it hasn't come. Insomniac explained in their latest podcast the reason why this hasn't happened, and will not happen:

"People are angry that we didn't re-issue Resistance 1 with trophies, and the fact of the matter is Resistance 1 was built before trophies existed, we had our own skill point system that we've used since Spyro 1, and to go back and retro-fit that in is an enormous expense for Insomniac."

Marcus Smith continued, "So it's not like we're trying to screw players out of something they love, we all love trophies, we all like accomplishments, we like doing that just does not make business sense for us to do that."

Another member of the team chimed in to say that Resistance 1's code-base was inactive, and that several people who worked on the game had left, "Yeah, it was unbelievable the amount it would cost to do it, the amount of time it would take."

So it does not like we'll ever see Resistance: Fall of Man trophies, but would you rather have a better game in Resistance 3 or trophies in Fall of Man?