Phil Harrison Talks Killzone and the PS3 Network
Posted by Michal Birecki on 13/11/2006

Phil Harrison recently had an interview and in it the Sony game studios boss stated that Killzone, in its current form, “exceeds: anything shown at E3 including its impressive E3 trailer which was shown.  He also outlined his future vision of the PS3 Network.

Harrison spoke first and foremost about Killzone and how it was progressing so nicely.  He stated that the game will not be shown until next year but in its current form already exceeds what was shown at its E3 trailer where many people went as far as to claim that it had to be a complete fake based on the graphical realness.

The trailer was later revealed to be actually pre-rendered footage and not real-time visuals which made the trailer not as impressive, but these fears could be put to rest.

"With Killzone, the expectation internally and externally is very high – and I won’t show it until it’s going to exceed people’s expectations." He added that he and Sony don’t plan on showing the Guerilla Games-developed FPS until next year. "I can tell you, though, that some elements already exceed the trailer," Harrison said.

Harrison also talked about the upcoming PlayStation Network.  He stated that games can expect a series of things from a year from now on the PS3 Network. 

Harrison spoke of such things as "Checking in with my clan to see what the plan is for tonight’s SOCOM or Resistance games. Searching out the latest trailers, downloadable demos, skins for my desktop. Downloading a new album, reading a fine editorial of Official PlayStation Magazine, watching stuff on YouTube that my friends emailed me about…You only have to look at the Cross Media Bar to see how everything is going to fit into a Network environment. Obviously you’ve got your friend lists, the ability to chat directly with them; you’ve got your internet browser and the Store with downloadable games.”

Harrison also hinted that users will be able to record game input to share, which means that some sort of recorded game footage would be able to be shared over the network.  This new form would take far less space.

"We are doing that in a very innovative way on a game that we haven’t shown anybody yet," he stated.